Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open?

Check our Yelp page. We are diligent about putting our hours of operation on it!

What are your hours of operation?

Noon to Midnight (12PM-12AM) everyday, unless we're closed (see up above if we are).

Do you have an age limit?

Although kava is not regulated by any state or federal law (again, think coffee - but 'melo'), we ask that our patrons be 18 years or older if they're coming in without a parent.

Do you have an Open-Mic? Where can I sign up?

Yes we do! Every Monday night from 9PM-12AM. More info and sign-ups are HERE

Do you have Wifi?

Yes we do - welcome to the 21st century in the Bay Area! If you are currently going to place that doesn't offer free WiFi, please stop, and come here instead.

Can I bring my dog over?

Sure! As long as they're well behaved, friendly, and not too loud. We only ask that you don't allow them on the couch please!

Can I bring my kids over?

Sure! As long as they're well behaved, friendly, and not too loud.

Do we sell powdered kava to make at home?

We sure do! Both the powder, and bags - as well as the already made in a Growler (68 oz.) for your party needs. Heck, we even sell the coconut shells. The quantities are 1/4 lbs, 1/2 lbs, and 1 lbs. Prices are $15/$28/$50. You can take a look at how to make kava here: How to make kava!

How do I make kava?

How to make kava!

Do you guys serve food?

No, but we're happy to have you bring something in from somewhere else and enjoy it here. Just remember: sharing is caring!

Do you take reservations?

No, this is really more like a bar/lounge feel. First come first serve! We will consider large parties (birthdays, corporate events, etc.) with a deposit - please call us at (510)900-9316 or better still email us at