As with any work of love, the Bar has proved to be the most challenging - and rewarding - aspect of our endeavor. We each built upon the others vision to have a place that would draw attention and be welcoming, all while enhancing the beautiful calming effects of Kava. We strive to give the bar a modern twist on an ancient tradition.

The Bartop: Made from sustainably harvested Monkeypod, we wanted to bring our guest to a closer experience with their environment and stress the natural roots of Kava itself. We decided that this particular bartop, hand picked, would serve that purpose. To take things further, we've added a green element to the bartop, to play a dual role of utility and beauty.

Green Wall: We've been fascinated by the concept of having a green wall from the get go, although the execution of it was extremely challenging. The green wall itself is just that: a wall made entirely of greenery. We settle on an inhouse design made by a local metal artisan and plants picked from local nurseries that represent California natives as well as tropical ones that were found in Vanuatu. The concept was to give the eyes something to ponder, and recycle and clean the air in the bar - naturally.

Projector: Although Kava is known to promote sociability and lower anxiety, all leading to more experiences with Kava lovers around you, everyone reacts differently to Kava. Some, much the same in parts of the south pacific, enjoy the introspective aspects of Kava. They like to "listen to the kava." These people would enjoy the calming and changing scenery we project, a visual transportation to a mental state of calmness unrivaled in the Bay Area.

Lights and Ambiance: We're happy to have teamed up with LIFX to introduce a new way of lighting and controlling the ambiance in our location. The low energy consumption, eco-friendly LEDs allow us to illuminate and modulate the ambiance in ways that reflect the energy and vibe of what we're feeling.