So a Palestinian, a Canadian, and a Colombian open a bar- no really - and decided to serve up some Polynesian culture.  There's no punchline; we call it MeloMelo Kava Bar named after a noble varietal of kava from the island of Ambae in Vanuatu

Rami, Nico, and Anneliese were all friends living in South Florida.  When it came down to it, we were just all in search of something new.  Accustomed to the night life and scene in bright and ritzy South Florida, we all knew it was time for a change.  After years of enjoying kava at the local kava bar, making friends, and finding limited use for our vague and varying college degrees, we decided to move forward with something we all enjoyed in life: Kava.

We founded MeloMelo as an idea for change, and a future.  We scoped out prospective markets which we felt would adopt kava in a very positive way.  We had all heard and in some way experieced the Northern California Coast and decided to settle and call it home. We instantly feel in love with the place, people, and the famous California laid-back approach. We thought this would be a perfect place to start and wondered how kava might have just missed this bit of paradise.

Kava made sense in Berkeley for all the right reasons.  With its history as a leader in innovation, and an affinity for trying new things, we felt that Berkeley would be a perfect fit and we've bet all of our careers on it.  We found something we loved and simply took it to the next level.

Our concept will prove to be fruitful.  We're here now to challenge your palette with new tastes and possibilities, melt your ears with jolly-good music (no Christmas playlists here), and visually relax you with our calming colors, living wall, and massive projection of the Pacific waters. 

We hope you come to enjoy our vision as much as we do.  BULA!